99-04 Nissan Pathfinder Custom Headlights

Projector Retrofit

Every build is a unique and exciting snowflake!  This one was special to me because it was my first time using a square projector lens.  Which isn’t a huge deal but it’s different and I get excited about that kind of stuff.


Really straightforward build.  Customer wanted high end performance without any unnecessary bells or whistles.  To save the day, we have the Morimoto Stage III D2S Kit comprising of the D2S Square Projector Assembly and Morimoto XB35 Ballasts + 5500K HID bulbs.


First step was to snag up some new aftermarket headlights.


Check out these sweet projectors!  They’re SQUAAAAARE!


Headlight assemblies opened up and shrouds getting mounted.  Just routine stuff.


New butyl in place and assemblies mounted.


Put all back together and photo shoot time!


Oh man let’s see that beautiful D2S output pattern please!


And just some pictures of the housing all lit up:


And that’s that.  Nothing too crazy other than the output over stock!!


Love ya’ll!  -13-

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