1999 Nissan Maxima Custom Headlights

Paintwork, Projector Retrofit, Quad Retrofit, Switchback Halos/Strips

1995-1999 Maxima ultimate quad retrofit here: Two pairs of MH1 projector assemblies, all nut & bolt mounted, gloss black 2-stage painted internals, switchback shrouds, and custom made acrylic diffusers for the turn signal location. These things are flipping sweet.

Stock…taken apart:


Baseline stock output vs. First projector retro output:


The low beam location is the “easy” one, but still requires a serious opening of the reflector bowl…High beam location starts getting messy…Test fit:


Stakfab for acrylic…some offset rabbit and acrylic adhesive…holes drilled for LED bulbs:


Huge amounts of test fitting and dialing in…Shrouds gotta be trimmed too:


Reinforced reflector bowls with fiberglass to handle additional weight of the projector army:


Everything modified to make this look right…and painted gloss black:


Some sanding to the front and inside…aluminum tape to keep the light inside…installed:


Quad light output is on point…appears as one step:


Time for the final assembly:


It’s amazing how much equipment got jammed into such a tiny housing:

1999 Nissan Maxima Custom Headlights Tampa





Low beam output and high beam output:


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