2001 Infiniti QX4 Custom Headlights

Amber Reflector Mod, Lens Etching, Projector Retrofit, Switchback Halos/Strips

This build consisted of an etched MH1 projector assembly installed in the low beam reflector bowl, an upgraded 2Stroke LED Bulb in the high beam location (with etched factory projector lens), interior switchback strips, a full restoration, and amber delete. Yes please!!  This thing is a true rarity and one of a kind. Love it.

Stock housings:


Let’s get rid of that amber:


Very limited high beam output design…OEM output with and without shielding:


Switchback strips installed:


OEM low beam output (not too bad) vs. new aftermarket low beam pattern:


High beam projectors taken apart for etching and then assembled:


Lots of material removed to house new projectors…coming together nicely:


Completely sanded down to prep for restoration clear coat:

Fabbed up some acrylic brackets to house the ballasts:


These came together so beautifully:


Low beam output & high beam output:

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