2009 Buell 1125CR Custom Headlights

Demon Eyes, Paintwork, Projector Retrofit, Switchback Halos/Strips

Welcome to my first motorcycle headlight retrofit build. A LOT of fabrication work went into fitting dual MH1 projectors into this housing. Red demon eyes, switchback halos, and a gloss black paint job complete this gorgeous setup.

First I built an alignment jig to reference the beam pattern of the bike:


The access holes caused clearance issues so they were brought inwards to the extreme:


Plastic epoxy was utilized to rebuild the bucket:


Acrylic was cut from a cardboard template for the mounting plate:


Clearance testing:


The projectors are rear mounted via nut&bolt:


Output is dialed in. Steps are gapped appropriately:


Bolts are bonded into place and body filler is used to create the desired shape:


Shrouds are trimmed and prepped, and primer is down:


After block sanding, we are ready to paint:


Halos mounted to shrouds. Projectors bolted into housing. Shrouds mounted to projectors:


The whole assembly gets mounted back into the headlight bucket:


Testing the demon eyes and switchback halos:


The headlight is finally sealed and complete:


Output pattern is looking right:

Buell 1125CR Motorcycle custom headlight retrofit Tampa

LOTS of equipment fit inside this bike:

Buell 1125CR Motorcycle custom headlight retrofit Tampa



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