2013 Maserati Gran Turismo Custom Headlights

Amber Reflector Mod, Demon Eyes, Laser Beams, Lens Etching, Paintwork, RGB Halos/Strips

My favorite Maserati came back to me after I did his sound system and offered me the opportunity to build him a set of custom headlights.  Hell yea!  To my knowledge, there are no modified Gran Turismo headlights out there on the interwebs so I was excited to pioneer some new ground on this build.


Let’s start with the stock headlights.  Pure OEM, this is what they looked like as they underwent disassembly:


Once they were apart, it was time to start modification.  I wanted to modify the clear diffusers and the LED array behind them.


One very unique modification for this headlight build was the addition of a dedicated laser beam for the high beam.  That’s right.  LASERS.


The RGB demon eyes were installed along with freshly Trident etched projector lenses…


Next comes the paint!  This was a gorgeous color match to the Maserati accent paint with plenty of shimmering pearl.  I used a vinyl transfer underneath the clearcoat to retain the Maserati emblem on the main shroud.


I often say that the devil is in the details with builds like this.  I mount the RGB halos very carefully without any halo baling wire and reassemble our laser modules with color matched trim.


The OEM amber reflector is smoked out as well.  And the pieces to the puzzle are carefully reassembled.  The result is quite beautiful.


Now comes for my favorite part… the installation onto the vehicle!  Full independent 3 channel control via Bluetooth of the RGB demon eyes and dual halos is REALLY COOL.


For some fun accent lighting, I also installed a backlit Trident front grille emblem.  It lights up white whenever the key is in the ignition.  I also installed Maserati Trident puddle lights that the client provided that shine down from the bottom of the doors when they are opened.


And finally just a couple glamour shots of this wonderful color changing headlight build!

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