2014 Ford Mustang Custom Headlights

RGB Halos/Strips

It feels real good when the product manufacturer rep is promoting my work and suggests potential clients to solicit my services. That’s what happened in this situation and it worked out perfectly. The client had purchased his products from TheRetrofitSource and quickly discovered that nobody local to him was qualified to install them on his precious 2014 Ford Mustang named Tru Blue. A quick call back to TRS provided him with the suggestion to contact me and set up an appointment. He traveled all the way from my hometown, almost a 4 hr drive, with a one day notice for an installation. I can be quite accommodating sometimes…. Sometimes…. 😉

Once he arrived, the first step is always the same: Let’s get these headlights off the vehicle!

2014 Ford Mustang Custom Headlights Tampa

I took the headlights apart and then undertook the long dirty process of removing all of the OEM permaseal! In the following picture, all of the permaseal is removed and replaced with aftermarket butyl, which will allow for future serviceability and still provide an effective seal.

2014 Ford Mustang Custom Headlights Tampa

The client provided an RGB Fitted Halo kit from TRS. This Profile Prism kit includes a specifically sized halo as well as a crescent halo that are proven to fit these headlights perfectly. With just a minor amount of modification and some very delicate epoxy work, they are installed:

2014 Ford Mustang Custom Headlights Tampa

I decided to test out a new wire penetration technique on this set. How to get new wiring out of a headlight assembly is a hot topic among builders and everyone has their preference. With a ton of builds behind me, I’ve developed my own personal tricks…. but I’m always open to trying new potential improvements. For this build, I used butyl to plug the access hole for improved serviceability over my previous epoxy approach. Time will tell if this approach yields more pros than cons. For the short term, we can guarantee that it’s waterproof at a bare minimum so moisture penetration is not a concern.

2014 Ford Mustang Custom Headlights Tampa

The housing reassembled:

2013 Ford Mustang Custom Headlights Tampa

Once re-installed onto the vehicle, a Morimoto 3 Channel Bluetooth Controller was wired up to control them. The halos in running light white mode:

And now demonstrating the Red, Green, and Blue halos in action!

The inner and outer halos are on different channels on the controller so they can be controlled independently. The DRL strips in the housing are still stock so they are OEM white all of the time. There are products to make those RGB as well but the white is a pretty nice look.

And one final picture of the car out of the shop ready to embark on his lengthy journey home:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Ford Mustang Custom Headlights Tampa

Tru Blue is looking fabulous as ever! Thanks for reading!

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