2014 Mercedes E350 Custom Headlights

Switchback Halos/Strips

What an incredibly interesting build! 2014 Mercedes E350. Smoked out the amber reflector and added two sequential switchback tubes. It looks right, it looks like it belongs, it looks like it should have been easy, and that’s precisely how you know it was super-dummy hard. Conquering the permaseal on these beasts was just the warm up round of challenges to overcome.

Stock housings:


Got ’em open. channels still all destroyed (before reforming)


Lots of pieces to this puzzle, trimmed and filling gaps, saying goodbye to the chrome


Flat black is easy


Starting reassembly


Tubes mounted.  Since these strips can’t be cut to length, I paint the remaining LEDs black, cut to the tubes to the right length, and tuck the remaining LEDs.


Ready for reassembly, looking good!


Done and done






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