2016 Dodge Charger Custom Headlights

Demon Eyes, RGB Halos/Strips

The customer requested to swap the OEM white running lights on his Hellcat to amber running lights since he was having his vehicle wrapped with a matte orange and wanted everything to match.  The solution was RGBW LED boards from Diode Dynamics.  These can be controlled via remote control (as utilized in this build) or by Bluetooth via cell phone app.  This product allows the DRL color to be set to amber and switched on and off by a switch inside the vehicle.  This custom legal driving lighting really looks good!

While the lights were apart, the customer also opted to have demon eyes installed.  Again, I turned to Diode Dynamics for their amazing universal RGBW demon eye kit.  Depending on the controller module chosen, these can be wired up to work independently or in conjunction with the DRLs providing many different visual effects.

Testing the demon eye independently:

Testing out the DRL boards paired and the demon eyes simultaneously:


Getting the headlights installed onto the car on site… Unfortunately the bumper was off getting vinyl wrapped and I never got to see the car completely assembled with the headlights in action.


All in all, a super quick easy and super cool modification that definitely garners attention!

Here’s a fun conclusion picture:

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