2015 Scion FRS Custom Headlights

Lens Etching, Paintwork, Projector Swap, Quad Retrofit, RGB Halos/Strips

2013-2015 Scion/Toyota FR-S aftermarket headlights featuring: dark blue carbon fiber HydroDip + clearcoat, MH1 projector w/stretched honeycomb lens etching, Hi-Lens LED Projector w/honeycomb lens etching, 2 sets of RGB Halos w/vinyl masks, and Bluetooth Controller. Also had the tail lights dipped to matching blue carbon fiber and eliminated the reflector.

Test fitting the rig:

2015 Toyota Scion FR-S Custom Headlights Tampa

Hi Lens disassembled and notched for halos…then painted gloss black:


All the chrome stripped and then the hydrodip applied:


Retrofit complete…and halos mounted:


First ever Hi Lens w/etching:


All the details coming together:


Assembly of headlights complete:


And now for the taillights!

Before & After:


How we got there:


Assembly complete:


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