2017 Dodge Charger Custom Headlights

Addressable/Flow Series, Demon Eyes, Lens Etching, Projector Swap

I live such a fantasy career when every month I catch myself saying “this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever built.” This is the first BlueGhozt controlled flow series components headlight build for me. There are lots of benefits over the standard Flow controllers for a very modest increase in cost.

This build is the whole kit and caboodle. 2017 Dodge Charger R/T gets some RGBW Flow LEDs from Lighting Trendz powered by BlueGhozt, some Lighting Trendz Demon Eyes, upgraded G5X HID projectors powered with a 50W Morimoto HID kit. I chose to grind down the OEM diffuser to go over the LED boards to help hide them a little and maintain a clean appearance.  It’s the Custom Headlights Life for me.


Progress pictures




Lots of installation gear on this one but I kept it tidy.


Morimoto ballasts mounted directly to the housing where the OEM ballasts would go on the trim level Charger that has factory HIDs.


More installation process


I am aroused by my own work here


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