2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Custom Headlights

Amber Reflector Mod, Fog Lights, Lens Etching, Projector Retrofit, Projector Swap, Quad Retrofit, Rock Lights

A total beast of a truck now has absolute beastly headlights. A true quad retrofit: dual MD2S assemblies per side. By13 Lens Etching up top. Amber reflector replacements. Cool White HID setup. Killer output. Also performed a custom lighting overhaul on this one: 8 piece RGB rock lights, XBLED fog lights, and dual 18″ Diode Dynamics LED light bars.

Stock headlights. OEM halogen projector up top and reflector bowl down below:


OEM output vs. HID after projector swap:


Test fitting the lower projector, then dialing it in. Beam pattern is on point!


Permanently mounted and back all tidied up:


Amber reflectors replaced. LED bulbs installed and inline resistors are in place:


It’s showtime!


Solid output there:

Chevy 2500 hd quad retrofit headlights custom Tampa

Dual 35W ballasts and high beam deutsch connectors:


All done with the headlights:


Insane output, just insane:



Flush mounting the rock lights…hidden away:


Bumper is off…visualizing where the new light bars are gonna go:


Front end looking tasty…replaced fog lights too:


Time to show it all off:


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