2017 Ford Focus RS

Addressable/Flow Series, Amber Reflector Mod, Demon Eyes, Fog Lights, Paintwork, Starlight Headliner

Allison reached out to me with a project for her 2017 Ford Focus RS that I swore was too good to be true…. custom headlights and a starlight headliner?  Budget to allow for creativity?!  And no strict deadlines?!?!  Dreams DO come true!  Let’s get into it!

Let’s start with the only stock photo I took of this vehicle.  Even with stock headlights and foglights, this car was still very attractive:

2017 Ford Focus RS Stock Headlights

First I took the headlights apart and prepped for paint.  The entire interior was painted a gloss black including the amber reflectors except for the shroud which I painted the body color blue as an accent color.


The primary D3S HID projectors were left alone for this build as she was content with her headlight output.  I did, however, add some addressable demon eyes.  This tiny chain of demon eyes were for the primary projector, the turn signal reflector bowl, and the side illumination reflector bowl.  I also took apart the OEM DRL and modified it to accept an RGBW addressable strip.  All of these products were wired together with service plugs for future troubleshooting if necessary.


The fog lights received a very similar treatment.  They were disassembled completely, painted a two tone gloss black and accent blue interior, and a hidden demon eye was installed.


Everything was reassembled, wired up with a BlueGhozt controller, and the first phase of the project was complete.  Addressable LED projects really make better videos than pictures but I’ll do my best to showcase pictures here:



Now for the starlight headliner!  This was a 500 Star, 3 Size, 25W kit that was both Bluetooth and remote controlled.  We chose not to re-upholster before installation so retained the OEM fabric for the headliner.  The process is fairly straight forward: remove the headliner, poke a bunch of holes, run a bunch of fibers to a specific location, install light engine, wire and tidy up.  Of course, the devil is in the details and it’s all details.  I took several pictures of this build but really the video speaks more to the quality of this installation.  The kit is RGBW with two types of white: mixed white and pure white.  Oddly, I only took pictures of the two white modes and none of the color modes.  So I guess you gotta watch the video to see the colors in action!!

Thanks for reading!  -13-

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