2012 Ford F150

Demon Eyes, Lens Etching, Paintwork, Projector Swap, RGB Halos/Strips

Perhaps you know of a previous generation F150 headlight headlight build that I did that had a Punisher emblem?  Well he got a newer F150 and needed another headlight build, but this one had to be bigger and badder.  Okay well I’m on board, let’s rile up the Punisher and get cracking!

We started with the Raptor style 2009-2014 Ford F150 aftermarket headlight housings and did an OEM paint match, EvoxR HID Projector w/50W HID Kit, Profile Prism RGB Fitted Halo / C-DRL, RGB Strips, and RGB Demon Eyes.


They look amazing, right?  All those color changing effects on a color matched background just pop!

But what’s amazing about these things is that even when all the RGB effects are off, they STILL LOOK GREAT!


But enough of them looking good on a shelf, let’s get them installed on the truck!!


While we were at it, we replaced the amber reflectors in the side mirrors as well.  That was an interesting experience that may or may not have broken a mirror in the process.  But now I know precisely how to do it!


It’s a decent looking truck, especially with the Morimoto XBLED Fog Lights installed…

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