2015 Dodge Charger Custom Headlights

Demon Eyes, RGB Halos/Strips

This one will be quick since I’ve done a writeup on this particular headlight build before.  However, this time rather than using the Diode Dynamics RGBW DRL Kit, I decided to try out the new Profile Pixel RGBWA DRL Kit.  See that extra A at the end?  That’s for ‘amber’, which means that it does a switchback feature that overrides whatever color is on at the moment and blinks with the blinker.  Super new and fancy technology and I was excited to try it out.  Still used the Diode Dynamics RGBW Demon Eye Kit for this build and, just like last time, customer requested handheld remote rather than Bluetooth cell phone app control.


Let’s get started.  Stock headlights:


Got the Profile Pixel DRL boards installed in place.  This part is pretty easy, for sure.


I decided to mount the driver module inside the housing.  Some might consider this risky, but the ground, turn signal, and dim wiring is all located here so, since I had thoroughly tested the product prior to installation, I had no concerns.


Demon eye installation time.  Again, this is one of my favorite headlights to do this setup on because it is so stinkin easy.


And that’s that.  Put it all back together and it looks just like it did when it showed up.  Until you turn it on, of course.  The Profile Pixel boards work best with the XBT Bluetooth controller so there’s a bit of quirky behavior with the RF remotes, but nothing major.  Also installation wiring is a bit less-than-desirable due to the running light/switchback status of the module but certainly not a deal breaker.  All in all it’s a cool kit and certainly has its proper place in a product lineup!


Here’s some super sweet installed pictures on this gorgeous Charger:


The baby blue color complements the accents on the car nicely.


Well, that’s all, it was a quick fun (although sometimes frustrating) install using some new products in a familiar application that yielded some great results.


Cya!  <3  -13-



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