99-04 Nissan Pathfinder Custom Headlights

Projector Retrofit, Switchback Halos/Strips

I’ve actually lost track of how many headlight builds I’ve done for this generation Nissan Pathfinder (1999-2004).  Either 4 or 5.  But this one is definitely my favorite to date.  This build utilized the Morimoto Mini D2S projector lens assembly for predictable amazing performance as well as a pair of switchback halos and strips.  This allows for a white running light with amber switchback turn signal.


Let’s get started.  New housings apart!


9″ Switchback strips were installed in the front trim pieces.


The halo rings were mounted to the shrouds (Apollo 2.0 Flat) and the assemblies were installed into the housing.


And that’s really it.  They went together just like normal and looked fantastic.


Running light white mode activated:


Amber mode activated.  These Profile Pivot strips can be run as amber running lights or amber switchback.  Options are nice.


And two fun pictures of a dyslexic headlight set…. or, presumably, what it would look like when the turn signal is activated.


Not much to this one!  Just a quick, easy, and effective build.  Great bang for the buck value.



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