2007 Ford Mustang GT Custom Headlights

Addressable/Flow Series, Lens Etching, Paintwork, Projector Retrofit

Get ready to sense my excitement.  By definition, this was a simple build.  But I got to use some equipment that I’d been dreaming about for months now.  I had wondered to myself “when will I have a customer that needs this stuff?” and then, by miracle, that customer arrived via Tampa Autosports.  Yessssssssss.


The build is for a 2005 to 2009 Ford Mustang.  Customer has the entire car painted in 3 stage chameleon.  Lifted about to be put onto very large rims.  We need some custom headlights for this bad boy that scream for attention.  I gotchu fam.


Starting with boring rear reflector bowls and black housings.  Disassembly shown.  I didn’t even get a picture before I had popped em open.  I’m getting real bad about that.  🙁


Before and after paint.  They did a gold overlay on the chrome and painted the housing chameleon matching the car.


Assembly time!  Mounted Flow Series Halos behind the mini turbine shroud on the Morimoto Mini H1 projector lens assembly with MUSTANG etched lens.  Then mounted the assemblies to the already prepped bowls.  And installed the Flow Series Strips behind the ‘vents’ of the housing.  This is gonna be kewl.


Photo op time of the assembled completed housings before the cover goes on.


All right let’s fire up some addressable LED products!  WAHOOOOOOOOO!


These things sing and dance and make pancakes for your kids.  Worth every penny.  Now lemme put this headlight back together for final pictures.


Wanna see the performance of this super awesome Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 Projector Lens?  CHECK IT OUUUUUUT


And for our grand finale, let’s check out a bunch of sick action shots… although no picture will do the LED dancing movement any justice.


I’m super pleased with how these came out and I think the customer will love them.  There’s a youtube video of them in motion that demonstrates the functionality quite well.


As a random post-build picture, here’s the vehicle as it came from the body shop to give you an idea of the beautiful paint work on it:


Much love, see yaaaaaaa!  -13-

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