2018 Morimoto Headlights Custom Headlights

Demon Eyes, Fog Lights, Lens Etching

When it comes to fog lights, there’s really only one reasonable solution: The Morimoto XB LED.  I’ve sold many sets of these and even have a pair on my Jukeys because they perform so well for the price.  So it had been a long time desire of mine to crack them open and see what kind of mischief I could do inside.  My opportunity finally arrived when the owner of the BRZ who had me build him these super amazing headlights wanted matching fog lights.  Meaning lens etching and demon eyes.  Squeeeeeal!!


The Morimoto XB LED fog lights are universal fog lights available in a few different sizes but they come with vehicle specific brackets so they are completely plug & play.

Fresh from TheRetrofitSource, stock, innocent, and vanilla fogs with Subaru bracketry:


As per the usual, the first step is to get it all apart.


Once the lenses were free, they were sent off for honeycomb etching.  Saweeet.


Then the demon eyes were installed.  Get ready… this is top secret never-before-seen-on-the-internet stuff right here!


Yea, there was some trimming and test fitting and stuff, but the whole idea is that I make this look easy.  😛


And then, poof!  Reassembly.  No more permaseal, hooray, now serviceable butyl.

Red, Green, Blue, White (aka RGBW!)


Showing off the fog light functionality:


And that’s about it.  Pretty small scale build but it made me super happy.  It’s all in the details!!



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