2004 Ford F-150 Custom Headlights

Lens Etching, Projector Retrofit, RGB Halos/Strips

My client saw my work at a local car meet and knew he wanted me to do his next headlight modification.  He had previously installed some brace-face RGB LED halos into his 2004 Ford F-150 headlights himself but his headlights still lacked quality light output… or a professional looking finish.  That’s where Superior Mobile comes in to save the day!


I was provided some used black aftermarket headlight housings to retrofit.  First step is always to take things apart.


Then I needed to install the RGB Halo rings.  One large semi-circle for the reflector bowl and another circle for the high beam location.


Now the fun part.  These Morimoto MD2S Projector lens assemblies with the Punisher emblem etching.  They look super badass.  Then to combine them with the G37R shrouds, ohh weeee these things are looking fresh.  Super aggressive.


That’s it.  Really simple build.  Time for reassembly.


Shall we do a light show?  Similar to all products utilized on previous builds, these halos can be used in white mode or any combination of RGB.  The halos can be controlled individually or paired together.  They both have switchback functionality and will blink amber with the turn signal.


All right, enough of the bench testing.  Let’s do some real world application!  Client showed up with his F150 and it was time to pull out the DIY stuff and install the PRO stuff!


Photoshoot on the truck now!


And the real purpose of this whole retrofit nonsense?  Let’s look at those sexy output shots.



Tada!  All done!  Have yourselves a wonderful day!


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