2012 Ford F-250 Custom Headlights

Demon Eyes, Lens Etching, Paintwork, Projector Retrofit, Switchback Halos/Strips

This was one of my first full-featured builds utilizing lens etching, quad retrofit, demon eyes, switchbacks, and paint all in one housing.  The effect was very fitting for this show-worthy truck.


Disassembly of the new aftermarket housings for the Ford F-250:


First I wanted to get rid of the amber turn signal locations.  They were plastic welded into place and then body filled smooth.


The projector assemblies arrived.  The Morimoto MD2S was etched with the Ford emblem and the Matchbox was etched with the Harley Davidson logo since the truck was a Harley Davidson edition.


Demon eyes were installed and tested:


Test fitting of the Matchboxs, removal of all chrome, and then OEM body color paint:


Final assembly of projectors into reflector bowls, testing of demon eyes again, and final test fitting of all the pieces into the housings.


Not to forget a blinker signal, a switchback strip was added before putting the front lens back on.  This strip is a white running light and blinks amber with turn signal.


This housing was treated with an exterior clear coat.  So typical prep, clear, wetsand, buff, polish, you know the drill.


Finished product:


Documenting the full range of options on a set with dual independently controlled demon eyes and a switchback strip:


I got to install these housings on site for the shop who hired me to build them.  First time I’ve ever had to use a ladder to install headlights!!


Testing out the beam pattern on the wall.  Typical MD2S: BEAUTIFUL!


Testing it all out and enjoying the finished product.  Sidenote: I also installed all the underglow lighting on this truck for the other shop.  This customer was a lot of fun, no doubt.


Spotted out in the wild at a local car show:


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