2014 Nissan Juke Custom Headlights

Demon Eyes, Paintwork, Projector Retrofit

In case you didn’t know, I own a Nissan Juke.  I love my car and I am excited for the day when I finally build some custom headlights for it.  So when a fellow Juke owner was interested in a headlight build that was performance oriented but was otherwise a blank canvas, I proposed to use his build as a trial run of the equipment that I wanted to do for my future build.  He obliged and the Fancy Nissan Juke Headlight Retrofit Build was born!


The bulk of the build centered around the infamous Morimoto EvoX-R BiXenon Projectors.  These are generally regarded as an ‘advanced level’ installation and I had not worked with them before.  They have a reputation for top notch light output and a gorgeous beam pattern and I was itching to try them out.  Also utilized in this build was Diode Dynamics RGBW demon eyes, of which I am a huge fan.  Finally, to drive home the high performance aspect, Osram 66240 CBH D2S bulbs were used which are pretty much insanely awesome bulbs.  Customer wanted cool white, so those are 6000K.


Step 1 is to get the projector assembly and demon eye products to mate.  I accomplished this by drilling a hole and using a rubber washer as a spacer and some careful electrical insulating.


Now I’ve got to prep the rear reflector bowl for this projector.  I will be using the nut & bolt method because this projector is not a shaft mount style …. thus the increased complexity of installation.  The theory is straight forward and easy, but the devil is in the details.


Now for another one of my personal favorite activities… OEM Paint!  Color matched to the car (Nissan black, paint code B20), I got to paint the shrouds and the bowl.

Side note: these are G37C-R shrouds, which I was super ecstatic to use in order to stay loyal to the Nissan brand within this build.  They are large round shrouds that perfectly filled up these housings and have clear inserts that were utilized for a blinker circuit, described later.


And so now the assembly begins.  The shroud is assembled with a red LED halo behind it to serve as a blinker, as per the customer’s request.  The shroud is them mounted to the projector assembly itself and the demon eyes are tested out in conjunction with the halo ring.



Now comes time to mount the completed projector assembly to the reflector assembly and do some test patterns and alignment/orientation tweaks to make sure we have the beam pattern output that we want.


Good thing I’ve got a Juke hanging around to test out the rig.  Without shaft mount projectors, you take a major risk doing a retrofit without the vehicle present.  Luckily for me, my output was spot on and AMAZING.  Those CBHs and EvoX-Rs are a phenomenal pairing.


Now that it’s tested and confirmed to be amazing, time to button up the install and take some beauty pictures!


I took all those glamour shots before putting the front lens on because black housings tend to photograph better before the clear plastic goes on.  Let it be noted that on this build, I also did an exterior clear coat for added protection and longevity.


Now for the REAL finished product pictures!!


Hey!  12/22/17 Update!

Customer has provided some installed pictures!  They’re lookin FRESHHHHHH

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