2016 Ford Fusion

Demon Eyes, Lens Etching, Paintwork, Projector Swap, RGB Halos/Strips

You know what car never gets any custom headlight love?  The FORD FUSION.  And I hate to say it… but I understand why.  That is not an incredible vehicle nor does it have a sporty design.  But that’s not to say that it doesn’t have potential for customization in the right hands.  I am always grateful for unique builds and less-than-common makes of cars to try out unique ideas.


Always the first step: DISASSEMBLY!


A Morimoto MD2S HID Projector was chosen for this retrofit upgrade.  It was etched with my signature By13 lens etching.  RGB demon eyes were installed as well.


A two tone paint job of gloss black and OEM Oxford White was done to give a lot more dimension and style to the headlight.  RGB Profile Prism halos were installed as well for some flash.


I also installed a Morimoto 2Stroke 3.0 LED Bulb in the high beam location as a supplemental high beam.  The XBT Bluetooth controller controls the color changing features of the headlights.

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