2013 Hyundai Elantra Custom Headlights

Lens Etching, Projector Retrofit

I wanted to make sure to show off this retrofit because I often get asked “Do you do basic installations or is everything just fancy color changing stuff?”  Yes!  I LOVE doing real basic retrofits because it hits on the key point of headlights: to see at night!  The custom headlight industry goes beyond making attention-demanding sparklies.  It is built upon the foundation of harnessing super bright light for the purpose of increasing safety with nighttime visibility.  And that’s exactly what this client wanted from his 2013 Hyundai Elantra: to be able to see at night!


Of course we started by removing the headlights from the vehicle and disassembling them.  These were particularly interesting to disassemble since they were too large to fit into my oven.  Creative and effective alternative methods were employed.


The reflector bowls were removed and the Morimoto MD2S projector assembly was installed with the Bullet 2.0 shrouds.  These shrouds were chosen because they had acrylic inserts that mimicked the styling of the Hyundai housing that also had acrylic lines.  The client also wanted to etch the lens with my signature logo for an extremely flattering custom flair.


The whole assembly looked great in this housing.


One of the major benefits of local clients (as compared to shipping headlight builds) is that I can test fit the lighting rigs on their vehicle to check for any obvious alignment concerns before final assembly of the housing.


Everything came out great so they were sealed up and reinstalled onto the vehicle with a new Morimoto 50W HID kit.  The car looked mighty proper with this projector retrofit.


But most importantly: THE LIGHT OUTPUT!  Hooray, not only do the headlights look cool because of the etching and shroud choice with the lights on, the light cast down the road is phenomenal.


Low / High beam output shots:


So in conclusion… Even if you just want to be able to see at night I can help with that.  Retrofitting headlights offers so much more than bragging rights at car meets: it offers safety and comfort.


Drive safe ya’ll!


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