2017 Jeep Renegade Custom Headlights

Demon Eyes, Paintwork, Projector Retrofit, RGB Halos/Strips, Switchback Halos/Strips

A friend of mine had seen posts of my headlight builds on my personal Facebook page and reached out to me to see what could be done for his.  Oh I got you covered fam!  The objective was to make his 2017 Jeep Renegade look better, to be able to see at night, and to have the ability to go into party mode when feeling frisky.  I’m on it!


The pre-makeover pictures of the Jeep and of the horrendous light output:


All righty, you know the drill.  Time to get these bad boys apart.  These were permaseal headlights, which are a total PITA but that’s okay.  It provides me job security!


First step was paint.  Stripped off all the chrome and got em painted black with clear coat.  Oooh shiny.


Now to mount the halos.  We utilized a Profile Prism outer halo for RGB effects and a Profile Pivot inner halo for white DRL lighting.  Both halos act as switchback.


Time to start putting things together.  For the projectors, we used Morimoto MD2S assemblies which offer fantastic lighting performance.  We also installed some Profile Prism demon eyes although I forgot to take any pictures of that installation.  If you’re curious about how that’s done, there are plenty of other build logs where that process is showcased.  The buckets had new butyl sealant and vent valves installed.


And we’re back together and looking great!


One thing I love about local clients is the ability to see the project through to completion and perform the headlight install.  I use best practices for installation prioritizing cleanliness and serviceability.  Wiring is loomed and terminated properly.  Resistor packs are mounted to metal.  Zip ties are used in excess.  Nothing hangs; everything is mounted.  For this large amount of wiring, I must balance labor time and practicality to deliver the best quality product at a reasonable price.


Ready to see them installed?  Lookin GOOOOOD!


Beam output?  On point.


Demon Eyes in action?  Oh hell yeaaaaa.


Let’s bring those outer RGB Halos out to play, shall we?


So there’s a white inner halo, white outer halo, and white demon eye running mode.  And when you activate the turn signal, both halos blink amber.  It’s cool.  It’s really cool.


And that’s that.  My buddy was happier than a camel on humpday.  Not only can he see at night now, but he can start a rave in any parking lot as needed.  Great success.



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