2014 Nissan Juke

The boost control solenoid is a known weak link on the Nissan Juke and the only generally accepted method of replacement is an expensive and overly complicated manual boost control kit.  Well poppycock to that.  The manual boost controllers use a MAC Solenoid as part of their kit and so I went out and got just that: a MAC Valve.


OEM boost control valve vs aftermarket industrial MAC valve:


First step was to map out how each valve operated so that I could plumb the new one correctly.  Simple enough:


Then I got some brass fittings and installed them in a way that would accommodate how I was going to run my vacuum lines.


And then I got a little silly.  I disassembled the solenoid and sent it off to powdercoating.  C’mon, it was the wrong color blue!!


Then came the construction and installation of a (hideous monstrosity of a) test pipe so that I could have the charge pipe out of the car while working on it.


Sweet.  Now let’s hack up the charge pipe by cutting off all the OEM mounting tabs, grinding it down smooth, figuring out a placement for the new boost control solenoid, welding on a mounting plate and then… you guessed it… POWDER COAAAAAAAAAAT.  Worth noting: we also welded the tiny recirc hole shut and drilled & tapped a new hole for a barb fitting.  More better!


Now that I have an amazing awesome beautiful new charge pipe, it’s time to mount the amazing awesome beautiful new boost control valve into place and wire it up to a waterproof universal plug!


All the pieces were now in place so I headed off to my tuner to have him reprogram the car to accept the different sampling rate of the solenoid and not throw any crazy new codes.  And viola!  The car accelerated smoother and more consistently and everyone lived happily ever after.  Yayyyy!




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