1999 Nissan Skyline Custom Headlights

Paintwork, Quad Retrofit, RGB Halos/Strips


Oh my GTR! Quad retrofit in an R34! Dual MH1s! Matte black paint job! Three switchback RGB accent lighting strips! Shaved interior logos and turn signal location! All sealed and aligned properly! Fully restored exterior lens!

This R34 GTR/Skyline finally got her new headlights installed. I built this quad retrofit back in the beginning of the year but the engine was getting rebuilt so I had to wait until it was my turn. Oh my was that worth the wait!  Finally, a left hand drive headlight setup for a right hand drive car!

OEM housings (and some behemoth HID ballasts)


Independently adjustable low and high reflector bowls


RHD(right hand drive) pattern, a first for me!


Converted over to a LHD (left hand drive)


Projectors in place


Square Gatling Gun shrouds


Disassembled and ready for paint prep


See that Xenon logo?


Xenon begone!


See those holes? I’m going to get rid of those too


Shaved it, did some plastic welding, and made it super smooth


Ready for paint


My first time spraying a matte clear coat


Looks super cool



Time to assemble


Assembled but I can’t see the beauty underneath those foggy, chipped, and aged front lenses


Sanded down for front lens restoration


Clear coat applied


And now we can see those beautiful RGB strips


Here’s some behind the scenes action. Trunk had quite a bit of water damage, consider this the before picture:


And this is the ‘after’. Two plugs had to be addressed due to corrosion, lots of rust and paint removed and cleaned up


All rust removed and painted satin black


Back to the headlights… Testing


Headlight output aimed


Godzilla, what sexy eyes you have!


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