2014 Nissan Juke Custom Headlights

Paintwork, Projector Retrofit, Switchback Halos/Strips

Hooray!  Another Juke headlight build!  I love these cars and I love these headlights.


I didn’t even take ‘before’ pictures.  I just dove right into this project and by the time I thought “hey, I should document this!”, I was already test fitting the projector lens.  Equipment used for this is the Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 Projector Assembly with Morimoto 5500K HIDs.


Another request for fully blacked out housings.  Stripping off all the chrome and painting it gloss black with clear coat.  All automotive grade stuff, you probably know how I do things by now.


Installing the dual Diode Dynamics switchback halos… front and rear!  Fancy.  As per the customer request, the top and bottom sections in the shroud were blacked out to provide a unique semi circle design for the rear halo.




Doing some show and tell before the lenses go on of the daytime running light halos in pure white and the amber switchback feature for blinkers…


Sweet.  Headlights get reassembled, sanded, clear coated for ultimate protection, and bulbs/wiring is completed.


Output shot!  (randomly pointed headlight up at the ceiling to get a pretty picture)


Full reassembly.  Glamour shots.  Varying between halos on white and amber, headlight on and off….


Another quick build for the books.  HIP HIP HOORAYYYYYYYY


<3 13


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