2015 Nissan Juke Custom Headlights

Projector Retrofit, RGB Halos/Strips

Everyone should know by now that I love the Nissan Juke and the community that embraces this quirky little car.  So I get super excited every time that I get tasked with another unique Juke retrofit build.  This one was a straightforward retro using the Morimoto MD2S lens assembly paired with a front mount RGB halo.  I got to use the MCR shrouds for this build which I always thought would compliment the styling of the Juke extremely well.  The little acrylic inserts allow some light to spill out which adds a nice custom touch and complements the styling of the gator lights on the Juke as well.


Let’s get started!


Having done this particular model several times, I skipped some basic pictures of disassembly in the beginning and went straight to mounting the halos onto the shrouds onto the projectors and into the housings!  Getting things moving on the up and up around here.


Final assembly.  Boom.  Done.  Those MCR shrouds look awesome in these round housings and that halo just looks so flush in there too.  Love it.


Time to play with some colors and show off the Profile Prism RGB halos.  Multi-zone control, white running light mode, switchback functionality, yup yup, these do it all.


And the beam output pattern?  Flawless, as to be expected.  Crisp cutoff and great looks from the acrylic inserts in the shroud.  Very pleased.


That’s it for today.  May all of your Nissan Juke custom headlight fantasies come true.



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