2011-2014 Porsche Cayenne Custom Headlights

Lens Etching, Paintwork

Hooray, a fancy set of headlights worthy of getting the full royal treatment!


The 2011-2014 Porsche Cayenne has some sexy headlights right from the factory, no doubt.  But what fun is it when every other Cayenne on the block has the same headlights?  Let’s get to customizing!



First step was to get them apart.  Porsche Permaseal proved to be an entertaining (read: frustrating) challenge.  But with enough time and effort, anything can be accomplished.


Full disassembly.  Wow, there are a lot of parts to these.  That’s awesome.


The big customer request: everything to be gloss black.  Everything?  Uuuurrrrthaaaang.  You got it buddy.  One gloss black treatment coming right up!


Exterior clear coat as well.  Original exterior lenses were scuffed up, cleared, wet sanded, buffed and polished until they looked brand new.  As a fun sidenote, somehow this little buggy got inside the housing before I opened it up so I decided to let him stay in his home during the remodel.


Next up was the clear lens upgrade.  For everyone out there on the internet wondering (because I was the first person to ever document this particular headlight assembly), this is a ZKWR clear lens swap.  Etched with the PORSCHE script.  In the comparison pictures, note the mottled OEM lens.


All bulbs were upgraded.  Osram Cool Blue Boost were chosen for color consistency.  H7 Halogens for the sidemarker assist and high beam and D1S for the standard low beam.


Final assembly time and show off!


Hopefully the client will provide some installed pictures in the future.  Until then, that’s all I’ve got for ya!  Have a wonderful day!

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