2009 Porsche Cayenne Custom Headlights

Fog Lights, Laser Beams, Lens Etching, Paintwork, RGB Halos/Strips


FRICKIN LASERS! This Porsche Cayenne Turbo S build is groundbreaking and let me list the ways: triple switchback RGB halos (primary projector, laser, and fog light), painted gloss black interior, yellow LED fog light bulbs, yellow D2S HID conversion on OEM projector and ballast, radioactive lens etching on lens swap, Morimoto 2Stroke LED sidemarker, and ::drum roll please:: LASER HIGH BEAMS. Dedicated laser modules that are so insanely bright and powerful I couldn’t find them for sale in the US and set up an account directly with the manufacturer to get them. These lights are as insane as the vehicle (and the owner!) and I love them.


Stock housings and stock fog lights apart


Clear lens upgrade with Radioactive logo etching


Fog lights with gloss black painted internals, RGB halos, and yellow LED bulbs installed


Constructing the assembly to hold the lasers in place:


Paint prep


Painted laser assemblies going together:


Going together, but not done yet!


D1Sto D2S Converter


3000k HID output is crazy


RGB Halo is mounted


The wiring was crumbling away in the housings anyway so I swapped over to my own plugs


Hella sexy


Fully assembled


White mode


RGB, those reflections dooo


2700K LED fog light bulbs


Low beam output


Laser dedicated high beam


Output that goes for days

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