2013 Nissan Sentra Custom Headlights

Demon Eyes, Lens Etching, Paintwork, Projector Retrofit, RGB Halos/Strips

My Mona Lisa!  Pretty much every single headlight goodie available was thrown at this build with amazing results.  Built for a 2013 Nissan Sentra show car, this set utilized a quad retrofit with lens etching, custom paint, demon eyes, RGB halos, and an RGB DRL light strip replacement.  The bees knees.  Let’s get into it:


We snagged up a set of new aftermarket housings.  You probably know by now how this process always starts: with full disassembly!


Then component selection, test fitment, trimming, that sort of thing.  On this build we did a Morimoto MD2S projector lens assembly with a custom Poke-Ball lens etching paired with a Morimoto Matchbox fog light projector assembly with matching etching.  Full size Gatling 2.0 shrouds will complement the MicroGatling shroud’s styling.


All of the chrome was stripped away and everything prepped for paint.  This build utilized a black base coat, blue flake midcoat, and clearcoat.  It sparkled SOOO beautifully and my camera simply couldn’t capture the shimmer.  But you’ll get the point throughout all of the following pictures.  It was certainly pretty.


Time to install the RGB demon eyes in both the Matchboxes and the MD2Ss


Mounting these sweet Profile Prism RGB Switchback halos to all of the shrouds and then installing the shrouds onto the projectors…


Now to start the reassembly process.  The projectors are mounted into the bowls and then the bowls into the housing.  A Profile Prism RGB Switchback strip is installed in place of the original DRL LEDs and the cover shroud is test fitted into place.


The backside is tidied up and sealed with a bunch of new wiring coming out.  Dual bixenon HID kits and 5 sets of RGB components per housing, oh my!


Okay let’s do a few fully assembled glamour shots focusing on that gorgeous paint and build quality:


Time to discuss the switchback functionality!  The demon eyes, halos, and DRLs all feature a pure white running light mode.  It really shines.  The halos and DRL strip also all feature switchback capability so they will blink amber with the turn signal.  The final picture demonstrates a typical turn signal (no white demon eyes on).


The halos, demon eyes, and DRL strip are all controlled via a pair of Morimoto XBT Bluetooth controllers.  The multicolor functionality is truly impressive and allows for an infinite number of lighting options.


As an added bonus, each channel can be controlled individually leaving plenty of room for some crazy intense color combinations!


That’s all folks!

This one was a real treat to build and I can’t wait to get some pictures of these installed on the client’s vehicle.  Awesome awesome!



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