2017 Ford Mustang Custom Headlights

Demon Eyes, Grille Lighting, RGB Halos/Strips


One mean machine! This supercharged 2017 Mustang GT recieved a set of RGBWA DRL boards and demon eyes from Diode Dynamics as well as some RGB strips installed in the hood vents. Five channels of color control on this monster is gonna turn heads for sure!

Some of the installation process:


 Green demon eyes and purple DRLs, each independently controlled:

Red demon eyes and white DRLs:


And we have lighting in the hood scoop grill! One strip across the front:


And two strips on each side, all controlled independently of each other. That brings the total to 5 channels of independent color on this beast:


View from underneath:


Looking flashy showing off the different colors:


But it just looks so darn tootin’ good in red:




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