2018 Toyota 4Runner

Amber Reflector Mod, Lens Etching, Projector Swap, Switchback Halos/Strips

The Toyota 4Runner is a really great truck but the headlights are certainly lackluster.  Stock setup is a halogen projector that is side loaded so space is extremely limited in the housing for modification.  The standard route is to replace the projector with the MLED, which is not nearly as deep as the MD2S.  However, of course I like a good challenge, especially if it means that I’ll get some extra performance for my efforts.  So I performed a ridiculous build that required some very significant (top secret!) modifications to get a full sized HID projector into the housing.  This is NOT a build that can be done remotely!


Stock headlights being disassembled:


The new MD2S Projector was lens etched with my signature By13 etching and we added a switchback halo behind a smoke ring.


A final touch was smoking out the amber reflector as well.  Black and Chrome are a nice combination.  I also installed the Morimoto XBLED fog lights for this 4Runner

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