2010 Acura RSX Custom Headlights

RGB Halos/Strips

This is gonna be a pretty quick write up because the build itself was a pretty quick build.  I wanted to feature it because, despite its simplicity, the effect was pretty awesome.


We started with a new set of aftermarket projector housings for an Acura RSX.  If this build was to be from scratch, I would recommend starting with OEM reflector housings and doing a projector swap as to avoid the lower caliber projectors of these aftermarket housings.  I understand the decision based on the price point though.


Since I’m becoming terrible at remembering to take ‘before’ pictures, here is a stock picture of the housings with which I was working.  As you can see, they came with dual CCFL white halo rings which are pretty cute.

Disassembled and removed the halos:


New Profile Prism RGB halos were installed.  The two replacements required a bit of trimming away of the original shroud to get them to sit properly but they ended up looking fantastic.  The third new additional halo was a great challenge as the shroud had to be notched to allow the halo to sit back into the bezel and stay centered over the turn signal bulb assembly.  The result was well worth the effort.


Like I said: a super short build!  I left the passenger side with the front lens off for completed pictures.


Time for the light show!!


Also worth noting: all of these halos are switchback so they all blink amber with the turn signal!  Super cool!


Each halo set is on its own channel on the Morimoto Bluetooth controller for some really entertaining color combinations.


That’s all for today ladies and gentleman.  Been a pleasure!



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